There are more taxicabs in Vietnamese tourism destinations than one can shake a stick at. Unless it is raining, there are plenty of cabs running around on the streets waiting to be hailed. However, the locals do not hail taxis from the street unless they do not have a cell phone at hand (and how often does that happen in Saigon?) The best way to get a taxi is ordering one from the companies of your choice. Our top choice is the blue and white Vinasun; our second choice is the yellow Vina Taxi, and our third choice? There is no third choice.

Although there are over a dozen taxi companies, the reasons we prefer Vinasun and Vina Taxi over other companies are:

1- Vina Taxi (Tel: 8 11 11 11) is the very first taxi company in Saigon. It is owned by a Taiwanese company whose reputation of good service is sterling from day one. 2- Vinasun (Tel: 8 27 27 27) has the newest, cleanest, most quiet and comfortable cabs around.
3- Both companies have the most courteous drivers and the newest cars, the A/Cs work well and the dispatch time is quick.
4- Both companies' cabs are suitable for four, five, and seven passengers, making it very convenient in all situations.

Legitimate and licensed taxicabs are not a rare breed in Saigon, but you need to know how to distinguish them from the "taxi dù" or "taxi ma" if you are going to hail them from the streets.

  • Look for the company's name on the side door, back door, seat covers, and dashboard.
  • Look for the large meter installed at eye level above the dashboard.
  • Look for the uniform-clad drivers.

In other cities, Mai Linh Taxi (green color) is most appropriate due to is professional and kindness of drivers.

Here after, we recommend some taxi braches in Vietnam Cities.

Hanoi Taxi(Telephone number is local number- Area Code 04)

Mai Linh: 3861 6161
Noibai Taxi: 3873 3333
Hanoi Taxi: 3853 5353

Hai Phong Taxi (Area Code 031)

Mai Linh: 3833 660
Hoa Phuong 3641 641

Ho Chi Minh City Taxi (Area Code 08)

Mai Linh Taxi 3822 6666
Saigon Taxi 3842 4242
Vina Taxi 3811 1111
Ben Thanh Taxi 3842 2422
Red Taxi 3844 6677

Hoi an Taxi (Area Code 0510)

Mai Linh Taxi 3914914

Danang Taxi (Area Code 0511)

Mai Linh 3525252
Airport Taxi 3825555

Nha Trang Taxi (Area Code 058)

Mai Linh : 3817 111
Nha Trang Taxi : 3824 000

Da Lat Taxi (Area Code 063)

Mai Linh Taxi 3511111
Thang Loi Taxi 3830 830 - 3557777

Hue Taxi (Area Code 054)

Mai Linh Taxi 389 89 89
Phu Xuan Taxi 387 87 87

Vung Tau Taxi (Area Code 064)

Mai Linh Taxi 356 56 56
Petro Taxi 3851 851